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The blending of our Heritage
I know that I talk about the Jack Family almost all the time and it's because that is my surname. But like the fine blending of a sword made out of many materials, we are blended from all the different families who came before us. 

The Swaines, The Galloway's,The Shelly's, The Dickinson's, The Compton's, The Minturn's, The Gillespie,s, The Walker's, The Jacques, and the James'.

I wouldn't be the person I am today without all of them as a part of me.

So please feel free to post and discuss other surnames besides the Jack surname.

There are many roads to go, and they go by many names, but they don't all go the same way, but they get their the same, and I have a feeling that we'll meet someday, where the roads come together, along the way.

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