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Wikitree Link
WikiTree is for genealogy collaboration. This happens at two levels.

At the modern level, the collaboration can be private and tightly-controlled. Use WikiTree to collect and organize your personal family history and privately collaborate with family members. If you invite non-genealogist family members they might not move beyond this level.

At a deeper level, we are connecting our personal family histories with a growing and increasingly accurate worldwide family tree. Collaboration on deep ancestry is between genealogists who understand the importance of sources. To keep it enjoyable and productive, we trust each other to abide by a Wiki Genealogy Honor Code.

Wikitree Website

The best part about wikitree is that everyone share and works on one profile. Whenever you upload a profile of an ancestor, you have can merge it with all the other profiles of the same ancestors, and have the knowledge and information of all members researching your ancestor. This solves the problem of multiple profiles with different information for the same ancestor, like Ancestry.

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